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A bonus day

Today I have a bonus day.  I usually work in a school supporting a boy with ASD.  But he’s ill, he expected to return to school today one his antibiotics began to work, but unfortunately he had a reaction to the penicillin so will be off school all week.  So today I will finish off the information for the new website, and do some more work on my dissertation.  I’m doing a Masters degree in education development change and matters with York St John Uni.  Not sure how this will help me career wise, but I will get some more letters after my name, and I’m learning lots. 

I also need to work out how to find the link to this blog to add to the website and twitter. 

Another job to do is to contact a company about some training and a charity about some talks as well as to book tickets for their charity pub opening night.  If I can I’d like to go for a swim and walk the dogs and paint the new skirting boards, and possibly buy the deido (sorry cant spell that one) rails as well.

Well that’s about it apart for the usual tidying up, cleaning, washing and shopping. 


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  1. A degree is an educational achievement that will help you combine your experience together in one nifty package. Creating links for use is not very hard. It is usually a copy and paste job that can lead to a creative aspect…

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