Behaviour Matters


Well today i am not sure what I will do, lots of ideas but many of them rely on other people helping me, so possibly wont happen.  On the other hand I have decided on the direction of this blog.  I am sure many bloggers write about their own lives and their daily struggle with family or work or what ever, that is great, but I dont feel that my story is that much different to many others, different setting, different characters, but same overall storyline.  So i thought about what else i could do. 

Are you ready for this..?

I thought that I could use the blog to expand on my #BehaviourMatters tweets (anyone following me on twitter will understand, but for those of you who don’t) I regularly tweet tips on how behaviour matters in daily life.  For example “disability may be a life long condiditon but it is not a life sentence” or “communication is the key to many problems in life”  I have lots, and they just appear in my mind.  So using this I would like to invite my readers to tell me what they would like information on by using the comment box, then I will reply using the blog in the next few days. 

I do the #BehaviourMatters at 6pm every night on twitter, feel free to ask for tweets there too, but the beauty of the blog is that I can give you more detail.  If you are now wondering about confidentiality, and think to yourself, I don’t want to tell the world about my behaviour concerns, you can email me details and I will respond in the blog with no direct reference to you, but you will know.

Although I am talking about behaviour, this is a very broad subject area with different points of view.  I will endeavour to discuss any problems connected with child development, disability, communication, challenging behaviour, family, friends, colleagues, Alzheimer’s, autism, adhd or anything else.  If I cant answer your questions I will let you know.


So now you know what its all about, I just need your input to make it work

Thanks for reading


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  1. Can’t wait to listen to u uncluttered by the shackles of 144 characters x

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