Behaviour Matters

Well today it is Sunday. Day 3 of my blog. Many of my courses are based around three; 3 C’s of behaviour modification is the topic for today.

Communication – a really important part of any interaction with any body. But in a behaviour modification sense it is the first step. As you will know communication is a two way street and in essence a three part system, Listen Respond and Reply. (another three) In my courses I further break it down to about 7 parts. It seems really simple and many of you will not even remember learning these steps or were possibly taught them any way. You learn them through copying people around you, some children have difficulty with this and need to be taught the process. Schools do this by using puppets and turn taking games or they can use music. Any way I can waffle about this for ages so i’ll stop there, although I do need to mention that when you are communicating (talking, listening, body language, facial expression, tone of voice, language used) you must be aware of the other persons understanding, and they need to be aware of yours or you adapt to fit their way of thinking.

Consistency – the next of the three. You need to remain consistent in your language and with other people. This can be difficult for other people to accept. What is right for one is not always right for another and people may see the inconsistencies, but if you are consistent with each individual you can explain the differences and they will be more acceptable. It is really important to keep instructions the same each time you say them, especially if the person you are asking has an autistic spectrum or processing disorder.

Consequences – this is the last of the three and just as important, although it is the one that most people miss out. First thoughts about consequences are usually negative responses, but in reality consequences can be mostly positive. As parents or carers for people with learning difficulties or disabilities consequences are direct responses to actions or behaviour. If the person never has consequences how can they understand and learn. To me it seems a simple concept, but a lot of people find it very difficult. Consequence of communicating is a response, consequence of manners is politeness and praise, consequence of helping is praise, consequence of a tidy room is an organised environment and happy parents. The really important thing to remember is to follow through on all promises, not just the easy ones. Reward charts can be used to remind children about consequences, but you MUST remember to make the reward achievable and accessible. I did see a reward chart in practice that stated the person would receive tickets to a circus or other event if she managed to gain 5 out of 7 days of positive behaviour, she managed it but the staffing could not allow her to go to her chosen event. What did she learn? Doesn’t matter what I do I won’t go to the event so might as well continue to be negative. Another problem could have been that she was positive for the first 5 days then negative for the last two, and still got the chance to go to the event, what did she learn? I can do what I want for two days and staff still need to take me. Be careful.

Right that’s it for today, if you want more information then please contact me. If you want a specific topic covered then contact me too.

Be happy everyone, thanks for reading


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