Behaviour Matters


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Today i was talking to a parent at the school about their child, as I am supposed to do.  She was telling me about a problem she has had for the past two years regarding her child’s feet.  The child complains on a daily basis about them hurting, as a good mum she has taken him to doctors and hospitals and explained the problem, they have had a look and told her that there is nothing wrong, its a phase and he will grow out of it.  So for the past two years mum has been encouraging her son to walk although he has complained of pain in his feet.  Now she has asked for another appointment to see another doctor to see if there is any thing wrong, surely a phase doesn’t last two years!  Another parent recently told me about her battle to get her child’s ASD diagnosed, after a lot of consultations and tests on his hearing and sight, and assessments on his delayed development combined with the parents own knowledge of the child, still took over six years to get a diagnosis that would lead to the support he needed in school.  I also heard of a child who had got a successful assessment done but the report had the wrong name for the child, the wrong year group and the wrong condition listed.  Finally there is the story of the ‘over protective and over anxious mum’ who calls the doctor for the slightest sniffle when in fact the child is really ill. 

What I’m really trying to say is parents you know your children, you know when something is wrong, your child is too young to be taken seriously by the doctors, nurses, specialist and who ever so you NEED and MUST fight on their behalf.  Long gone are the days where doctors were spoken about with a capital D, with the use of the Internet many parents are able to diagnose their children, but still we need the official word of the specialist before service can be obtained.  So what if they consider you to be over protective, is your child’s health not worth more than the thoughts of someone you may never see again? So what if you have to see 17 different specialists to get the diagnosis your child deserves.  So what if you ask questions about the treatment they are prescribing.  So what if you make them feel uncomfortable due to your persistence.  Make them listen, make them understand, keep fighting or things will not improve.

Parent empowerment is the only way to go so remember that behaviour matters in every aspect of your child’s health and well being.

Time to get off the soap box now.

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Comments on: "Health" (2)

  1. After my day today couldnt agree more xx

  2. Totally agree. But on the other hand when they do take you seriously you breath a sigh of relief and feel better for your child.

    My 13yo has been suffering over the last year or so with bad period pains and now has migraines and dizziness! A drama queen or someone with real difficulties whilst growing!

    Trying to support her without “giving in to her” or “being played” where does the line get drawn? x

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