Behaviour Matters


As some of you may know I am trying to write my dissertation  for a master’s degree.  I started out with all great intentions and an easy to follow plan and time-table of when to do to things and what information I needed and when.  All was going so well.  I had my topic agreed by the university and had a setting to do my research in, all was going really well. Then I decided to change the focus of my dissertation but use the same setting, this was agreed by the university and the setting as it would help them and the focus individual.  I began to work at the setting voluntarily so that I could gather my data.  three months later nothing was happening so I left there and refocused my topic again, got it cleared with university, and ready to start again.  Now I have about 9 weeks to gather data and analyse it instead of a year!  How does all of that fit into the title of independence? I hear you ask.  Well quite simply, because I’m such an independent person (single mum, fighter, do it my self because no one else will and I can’t afford it any way, type of person) I’m really not good at asking for help, and if I’d asked for help earlier I wouldn’t be sat here now with this dilemma.

Starting to feel like I’m drifting away in a sea of words and not having a destination that is achievable.  So the moral of todays blog is don’t be so independent and bloody minded, ask for help, usually people are only to willing to help.  You don’t need to be wonder woman 24/7, take a break every now and then.

After saying that, I will get my dissertation finished, I will get my work done and I will graduate and I will always be there for my friends x

Thanks for reading


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  1. Here here to a lady who’s a rock -of Gibraltar proportion!! Support wise I mean lol that sounded better in my head but no filters on me sadly!!!
    If u need owt ask!!!
    Star bird!!!

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