Behaviour Matters

Counting blessings

I almost forgot this today, but a good friend reminded me.  Its just been one of those busy days, where nothing really gets done, but all of a sudden its evening!


So why am i talking about counting blessings?  Well as some of you may know yesterday I got my new ipad, all very exciting, it’s lots of fun to play with and spent most of last night playing with it, sorting out apps, playing games, chatting on twitter, just generally being a happy person due to a material object.  This morning I woke up late, well late for me, I got to stay in bed until 8.30am, only being woken by hammering.  That was my partner hammering out the edges on the new fuel tank for my other favourite material possession, Jethro; my land rover defender.  I wanted one about 18 years ago, but couldn’t afford it and my children refused to get in one, so I didn’t, and in November last year I finally realised a dream.  Now you may be thinking I have too much money, not enough sense or that I’m very materialistic, I also have a Tiffany gold ring with a diamond set into it, more material possessions.  But no, I don’t consider my self to be materialistic and can only afford these few expenses due to both my parent sadly dieing and through the sale of my house last year.  I don’t wear a lot of jewellery but what I do wear is an investment for my children after I have gone, and bought to remember my parents.  The land rover, although old and needing a lot of work, is the realisation of a dream that came about because I sold my house and my car.  While playing with the indulgent ipad last night I heard some very upsetting news.  This got me to thinking about all the things I do have in life that cost nothing or very little, but which bring me the most happiness; my children, my partner, my job, my life and very importantly my friends.  These are my blessings and would trade all of my possessions, even those that hold memories to be able to have my parents back, see my children every day and ensure my friends get the happiness they want.

Count your blessings everyone, somethings can never be replaced

(And to one special womum, stop crying)



Comments on: "Counting blessings" (2)

  1. You did it again crying and laughing at same time what’s the chances of that happening!!! Xxx

  2. This is very apt for me today…thanks alison.

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