Behaviour Matters

No regrets

So it’s an early post today, I may do another tonight, but then again maybe not.

To day is a very special day, not because it is Mother’s Day on this little island, as mothers do a brilliant job every day and should be celebrated all year. 

Out in homes across the country mums are waking up to cards, chocolates and flowers, text messages and telephone calls from children and adults alike telling their mums how much they love them, we as mums know this, but its good to be recognised.  Out in the fantastic hospitals of our country people, children and parents are fighting for life.  In many cases the fight is won, people live on, maybe a little different but living.  Sometimes the fight is too great, but everybody involved in the fight has given their all and should have no regrets, although inevitably they will. 

People are fighting for all sorts of things every day, and we usually think that we are alone in our fights, but be assured you are not.  Fight as hard as you can, never give up hope, or belief.  Never accept the end until there is no more to fight for, then remember how hard you fought and never regret trying.



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  1. Great post 🙂 Thanks for the words of encouragement!

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