Behaviour Matters


Morning people/friends

As you know if you follow me on twitter, I’m often found to be tweeting away about positivity.  I really do believe in the power of positive thought.  It can be extremely potent.  The problem with it is that when things look really bad, or if you are over tired or angry trying to stay positive is not easy.  It’s another thing to think about.  Paranoia takes over, then fall into the negativity trap.  This even happens to me, so when i feel any negative thoughts, I first step back, think about me, how am I feeling emotionally? Am I tired? Have I been working too hard? Am I stressed? If I am any of these, I will not make a decision.  I leave it until the next day, or a few hours away at least.  If i need to make an immediate decision I will consider the outcomes of saying yes and saying no.  How will I feel if this happens. 

Sometimes in life the negativity will dissipate over time and after a rest, sometime the problems need an immediate response.  But by thinking positively you will make the right decision for you, others may not think it is right, let them.  in every situation you have to do what is right for you.  

Additionally I also tell people to follow their heart.  To some people this is a strange concept, but when faced with a difficult choice, following your heart will ensure you have fewer and maybe even no regrets.  You will be able to live with the decision a lot easier.  I say this in business too, not just in life.

So today’s message to everyone is stay positive and let your heart guide the way.

Keep smiling 🙂


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