Behaviour Matters


I knew this would be a difficult post to write and hoped I would never have to do it, but for some reason I dont think it will be as difficult as expected.  I wont tell you all the details, you dont need to know.

The title of the post is Heroes.  In the dictionary I have the word is defined as “a man distinguished by exceptional courage, nobility, etc.” Many people talk about heroes in a flippant manner, many men are called heroes when they do not fit the definition above.  Then there are super heroes, fictional characters with exceptional powers.  But to me anyone can be a hero and many heroes, possibly the real heroes of the world, go un-noticed by many.  So todays blog is going to rectify that in a small way at least. 

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me talk about my 5yr old hero.  Not all heroes are men!  I have never met him, and never will, but I know he is one of the emotionally strongest and most courageous people I know.  He hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary, (safe a puppy from drowning or anything), but he has shown me what it means to fight, how strong you can be when it is needed, he lights up the space he is in and he loves unconditionally.  My other heroes are my children, again they do nothing outstanding, but they give me the power to continue with life when it is at its hardest, they support me when I need it, and will always be there when I need them.  Another hero is my newest friend who has shown me how to make the hardest decisions in the world based on common sense and love.  She is immensley strong and has belief in me I didnt think it was possible to have.

Thank you to all my heroes, I love you all.

We need to start celebrating our heroes now!


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