Behaviour Matters


OK so I know I’ve done a blog with a similar title before.  But this is different.  It’s more about how the need to communicate is so important, and that by using a non personal medium can make the process easier. 

At times when talking to people is too difficult the use of twitter, face book, texting and emailing can be a lifeline.  They allow you to talk about your feelings, get a response from another person, but with out the physical awkwardness of feeling that you cannot cry or look terrible, or the wobble in your voice as emotion takes it away.  No one can judge you for your appearance. 

Until recently I hadn’t considered the affect that a face to face conversation could be so difficult and awkward, to the point of refusing to do it.  With the use of Internet and telephone technology people can express them selves with out needed to hide behind a mask.  It is very difficult to be on the other end of the conversation when you need to have physical contact as well, but that’s a price we pay and if it helps the other person then that is what must be done. 

Everyone has a story to tell, an event in their lives that may be so tragic it changes you for live, and yet we continue to live our lives.  Consider the next time you go shopping or drop the kids off at school, watch the people around you, especially the strangers, people you don’t know, what are they living with, what are their stories, is this the first time they have left their home in 6 weeks? Are they suffering in silence just to get through another day? Do they look they haven’t had a bath in a week and smell that way too? It is really difficult to tell with a lot of people and if you can see it what would be your reaction?  They may be hiding behind a smile, or may be calling for help.  It is our responsibility as community to understand these things and accept them, which in turn will give people indirect and direct support.

So going back to communication, allow people to communicate their thoughts and feeling in the way they need to, encourage physical contact, but dont insist on it.  The same goes for eye contact, not everyone can cope with eye contact, so we shouldnt insist on it just because it makes life easier for us. 

thanks for reading, and continue to care and support everyone around you, even those you dont know.


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