Behaviour Matters

getting it right

Hello people, its Friday!  Might sound like a silly thing to say, but sometimes the days just all blur together with no definition as to when one ended and the next began.

Although we all try to do the right thing at times we get it wrong, what ever it may be, sorry we are not perfect all of the time.  Usually getting it wrong is not really that big a deal, may cause some inconvenience for a short while, might even cost you some money, but rarely is it a devastating result.  Although saying that if we do get it very wrong it can have the most profound affect on some people.  Sending children to the wrong school, one that does not meet all of their needs; even though they promised they would, pressuring people into a situation they are not ready for, not understanding the needs of others and having unrealistic expectations, all of these and many more can affect a persons life.  And all of them were done with the best of intentions. 

How do we get it wrong when we a re trying to get it right? There are many reasons, but ultimately they ll fit into one category; my friend communication!  We can become so preoccupied with a thought that we forget to listen to what other people are telling us in their words and behaviours, or we try to ask the questions to get the answers, but the communication is one way traffic so we feel the need to take over and get it sorted. 

So today’s message is, don’t blame us for getting it wrong sometimes, and remember to both communicate both as a recipient and as a presenter.  then we might get it right more often.


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  1. True statements, even though some are unintentional acts to help others become better, it is easier to motivate at times with a kind word or force of action. Force of action tends to devalue the life of the individual and therefore we must re evaluate our situation.

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