Behaviour Matters


Today’s blog is not about all the essential oils and herbs usually associated with aromatherapy, although I do think they have some value, and i like my home to smell nice so use them for that.  Today is about the smells that are so evocative they take to places you have forgotten.

I have been talking about baking this morning with my friend, and it reminded me of how satisfying it was to make foods for my children using fresh healthy ingredients and how wonderful it made the house smell, how happy my children were during the process, it didn’t matter about the mess.  Then there is the accompanying aromas of cooking and baking, to me it brings back happy memories even back to my childhood, (a very long time ago).  I remember my mother baking every Saturday, I can see her in the kitchen smell the scones cooking (cheese scones one of my favourites) she made drop scones too, we would have them for tea on Saturday night.  I was more of a biscuit maker, the favourite in our house, melting moments. 

Any way enough of my reminiscing, and back to the subject at hand.  Although many of us take our sense of smell for granted it is as powerful as our other senses and is very important in bringing back memories, both happy and sad.  It is also very individual, some people prefer the oil, grease and diesel smells, I prefer cooking and country smells.  I think that says more about your childhood than anything else though.

so today’s moral, for the want of a better word, is use the smells around you to remember happy times, and build happy memories by introducing lots of smells to your home.

Bye for now, feel the need to make cheese scones now!


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