Behaviour Matters


Determination, its a funny ting, sometime in life you can be so determined to make something happen, but it doesn’t, and the more you try the harder it gets, and other times you can be so focused that even the hardest things become so simple.  I can’t even start to explain this, but I woke up this morning determined to achieve something, reach a milestone, succeed at something I have previously failed at.  The problem with that is the more I try and fail the more despondent I will become.  Still going to try though.

Although I have been trying to achieve over the last few weeks, I feel like I’ve taken on too much and nothing is actually getting done.  So today I intend to prioritise.  Then something might be achieved and my determination paid off.  So I have three areas of life that need a positivity boost, OAG as always has to be first, so I will get all the last bits of information ready for the website, I cant promise it will up and running as I need to rely on others for that, which I always find difficult.  My home life, as any home owner will know tidying and cleaning is a never ending chore, but of late i have let it lapse due to other priorities, so my determination is to get back on top of it or at the very least one floor of the house.  The third are is a very private area, and as such it is difficult to discuss here, but I do have a determination to do more.  Sorry its cryptic, but some readers will know and understand.  I am not sure how I will do this, but I am determined to try.

So today I would like you all to set a goal and do your very best to achieve it, whether its getting more followers on twitter, making time for children, or sorting out the shed at the bottom of the garden, sometimes if you don’t make a determined effort to achieve it you never will, then it is too late.

Get going guys 🙂


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