Behaviour Matters

the time to stop

Morning all

I recently updated my first aide certificate, a usual requirement in my role as school TA and carer.  It’s not the first and wont be the last.  Luckily I have never had to administer to anything more serious than cuts and bleeds with one incidence of choking.  But in the latest course we were told that there are only three reasons to stop 1. The patient recovers 2. Help arrives and 3. Your own safety is at risk.  We can apply the same standards to out own lives and our work lives (especially small enterprises and self employment) Last week a friend had to make the very difficult decision to stop fighting for a family member.  This decision has left her distraught and racked with guilt.  She has no reason to feel this way as she met all the criteria for number 3, her own sanity and health were at risk.  This was not her concern at the time and I can understand her need to continue to fight, but I wont dwell on it other than to say she is the strongest person I know she could have done no more than she did.  In a business it is also difficult to know when to stop fighting.   Is it when you have no money to continue, when you feel your work is not appreciated, when life gets in the way?  Many small businesses end because of these reasons, and I can honestly say I have come so close to them myself.  the only thing that kept me going some times was the self believe in what I do and my inherant stubbornness.  Last night to my complete amazement I got a massive boost from a total stranger, this morning the enormity of this recognition and achievement is beginning to sink in.  This person told me a few weeks ago to keep going as perseverance pays off. 

So when in a business sense do you stop?  1. When you are profitable, 2. When someone helps you or 3. When you think you cannot carry on any longer.  My answer would be never.  Keep fighting, never stop.  Another business friend made a similar point a few months ago, it it snot always those who shout loudest that win, but those who shout the longest. 

The message today is to keep fighting for what you believe in, never stop.  My friend has not stopped fighting, she is continuing to keep building memories, and ensuring some things are never forgotten.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Your latest Theo Paphitis small business winner 🙂

Me 😀


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