Behaviour Matters


Morning all

I was wondering what to write about this morning and started trying to think about something I have done recently that would be worth talking about and sharing.

Sharing is usually thought of as being a positive thing, sharing a bottle of wine, or sharing a bar of chocolate, but there are so many other times during a day that we share.  To get a little bit psychological here Abraham Maslow identified five stages of life that needed to be met before we could become well rounded balanced people able to meet all of our goals.  He called this self actualisation and where this may be seen by some as a point in which you are no longer reliant on other I see it as a point at which you are able to share your life and ambitions with others.  The previous 4 stages can also be met through sharing, sharing your food, your home.  Sharing you dreams allowing people to support you to find your dreams, making a difference in society.  Recognising the needs of others and helping them. 

Ultimately sharing is a communal activity, you cannot share anything by yourself, there needs to be at least one other person to receive your gift, but the butterfly effect will mean that your one gesture of sharing a glass of wine or a desire to, a ticket to an event, will enable you to reach self actualisation and the people you share with. 

As a side point, although I like Masow’s hierarchy as he calls it, i do disagree with the idea that to reach one stage you must complete all prior stages.  I have found that you can be at different stages in different areas of life at the same time, and it is also possible to move up and down the hierarchy as life throws problems your way. 

So today’s message is to share in other peoples good fortune and sorrow, and let them share in yours.


Thanks again for reading


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