Behaviour Matters


morning all

Sorry I’m a bit late today

My topic to day is about secrets, as you can tell from the title.  Some secrets are skeletons in our closets, only to be let out on very rare occasions and only then to people we trust 100%. (I have some of these) .  There are the secrets that only you know, and will never share no matter what, you know the ones that bring a wry smile to your lips or a twinkle to your eye. (we all have those)  Other secrets can be short term and exciting, that soon the whole world will know about.  (I have two of these) then there are the secrets that we know we need to tell someone, but don’t know how, so we keep them locked away where they fester and grow into something much worse than they actually are.  inevitably these latter secrets aren’t always the big secret you think they are. 

So this may only be a short blog today, but i am sure many of your reading it will be aware of your secrets, hopefully you will have a smile or a twinkle, and if you you have a secret that is festering, let it out the result wont be as bad as you expect, and if it is at least its not festering any more.

Secrets can be good, but the ones that aren’t, share them.

Enjoy your day 🙂


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