Behaviour Matters

friends and acquaintances

Hello everyone

A little bit late again, but had things to do this morning.

As a child you meet a lot of people and usually have a best friend, this may change daily for a while but usually you build a strong friendship that can last for years, some children have friendships that only last through out school.  Either way it is normal and not uncommon.  Some friendships may be with other children, animals or imaginary beings, again this is normal and in my opinion should not be discouraged.  (Although I did read an article recently that suggested children should be discouraged from having one best friend and encouraged to have lots of friends).

In my life, and possible in your life too, we meet a lot of people, many of who we refer to as friends.  Now living in Hull I have many friends back in Newcastle, friends from school, and friends on face book and twitter who I have never met, and possibly never will meet, but still class them as friends.  In Hull I have worked with many people and have made some friends here too.  In business I have friends who I talk to and meet up with for coffee or lunch.  So all in all I consider myself to be quite a sociable person.  This morning I was talking about socialising, and although I never feel comfortable in large groups being sociable, I apparently don’t come across that way.  I have an important event to attend tomorrow and as long as I don’t think about it too much I’m OK, but if i concentrate on the immensity of it I get quite scared. Possibly this is more about fear of the unknown though, but I am scared I will become a ‘wall flower’. 

But all of that aside, I wanted to talk about the friends and acquaintances today and the differences.  Although many of the people referred to above are still classed as my friends and are important to me in that role there are a few other people who come into your life, for no apparent reason, they seem just like any other person any other friend, then, BANG, before you know it they are so close to you that you cannot imagine them not being there.  You know you can trust them with anything and that they will go the extra 10,000 miles for you.  I am lucky enough to have a small number of friends like this, and hope you are too.

And so friends, thanks for reading. 


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