Behaviour Matters

mixed emotions

Morning all

There are times in life, and especially as a small business owner that your emotions get all mixed up.  As regular reader will know I say follow your heart when you have a difficult decision to make, but today in light of a difficult decision I have to follow my head.  Is this the right decision? only time will tell, but faced with the choices I have and the opportunities for the future and the needs of others, today it’s a head decision. 

I am off to the biggest networking event I have ever been to, and have the opportunity to meet some wonderful, amazing and inspiring people.  This i need to do for my company to continue to grow and develop which will benefit people with disabilities across the country.  If I don’t go my company will still grow, but it will take longer and the battle will be uphill.  My alternative is to support my friend during one of her most traumatic days, but she know what the event will do for me and would not forgive me if I did not attend.  So to her I will be there supporting her in spirit while networking with the rich and famous.

Good luck my friend 🙂


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