Behaviour Matters


Good morning all.  I am sat in my office, the door is ope to the garden, my feet are cold, and I can hear the birds twittering in the trees. 

Yesterday morning I asked on twitter if anyone had any topics they wanted me to cover, unfortunately for them I wrote my blog and posted it before I saw the reply.  So here it is today.

The use of Twitter as a marketing tool.  I started my business about a year ago, and set up a Twitter account for it about 7 months ago.  Not really sure what it could do for me if anything (I still feel that way about a facebook account for my business).  But off I went, I cant even remember what I tweeted about back then, but I had a few followers that grew slowly but fairly steadily.  I persevered with it.  In January of this year I was given some advice that I am sure has helped me.  I changed my name and my picture, I actively looked for people to follow, and tried to increase my presence through regular tweeting.  My followers started to climb.  Twitter life has begun to be my main marketing tool, and it’s free! 

The next piece of advice was to develop a # hashtag when I give out advice.  Again i was sceptical, but people with more experiece suggested it, so what did I have to lose?  Off I went with occasional posts with my #behaviour_matters, I quickly realised this doesn’t work so changed it to #BehaviourMatters.  The next change for me was to set a time every day to run a series of #BehaviourMatters tweets.  (It’s at about 6pm every night except weekends.) Now I seem to have a regular following with people asking about #BehaviourMatters if I’m late. 

My final inspiring idea to raise my profile is this, my blog.  Again I try to do it daily, and have realised that I have a few dedicated followers/readers.  So, yeah, for me Twitter has been an excellent marketing tool, now I also use it socially and have some good friends I stay in contact with via Twitter.

Just to show off a little.  If I had not created a Twitter account, or developed my use of it I would not have wont the Theo Paphitis SBS award.  This has given my Twitter account a massive boost with now over 800 followers. 

So if you are reading this blog, and don’t have a twitter account, then get one, it’s free and can make a real difference to your business.

Thanks for reading


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