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Morning all

Today’s requested blog topic, is probably applicable to most people, so I thought I’d give it a go.  With the exception of those at the very top of their industry, or those who have either inherited or won large amounts of money, people will never have enough.  But ask yourself this,  what would having more money really do for you.  If your annual income went up by £10K a year; you’d still need to work, you’d still have a mortgage, your children would go to the same schools.  So really not much about your daily life would change that much.  You may begin to pay more income tax (as a percentage of what you earn) you may be able to afford a newer car or a holiday each year.  So some of your annual or material possessions may be seen to improve.  Your children will still be same, going through the next stage of development; tantrums, sulks, rudeness, grunting (depending on their age) so you will still want to go to work to avoid them and leave it to someone else.  You may buy them more gifts, but probably spend less time with them.

Now think about how you would feel if you won the lottery or an inheritance. So you go out and buy a new car or two, you book a very expensive holiday, you buy gifts for family and friends and pay off the mortgage or buy a bigger house.  Then what, give up work and spend time with the children? Maybe enrol children into private schools or buy them a house/car.  Set up savings accounts for the children and redo your will.  Lets face it the children are still in that phase or moving onto the next, and now you’ve packed in work you need to be with them.  (I loved spending time with my children through all of their stages, but its not easy and work can be a blessing)

I cannot imagine winning the lottery, or contemplate what I would do if I won, but I do think i would continue to work as I love what I do.  Money is not the answer to all life’s problems, it wont solve many of mine, but it might lighten the burden so I can see the problems more clearly.

The family part of this blog has been touched on already.  Children will do what they do when they need to do it.  Developmentally they need to go through the stages and will, the timing and ages may be different for each child but the stages still happen.  By taking a step back and understanding the stage and what the child is saying via their behaviour you can find ways to cope.  Two year olds who have tantrums is usually because their verbal skills are less developed than their independence skills, so they try to become more independent but cannot explain what they are doing or why.   If you have any particular issues let me know, I might be able to help. If not then happy reading and have a happy Easter Holiday with the children in your life.


Thanks for reading


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