Behaviour Matters

Well so far I don’t have a title for this blog, hopefully something will pop into my head as I type. I wanted to talk a little more about yesterdays topic, an extension.

Yesterday I talked about using lists to identify strengths and weaknesses.  I remember in my days of employment using a very corny line during interviews “My biggest strength is recognising my weaknesses”  and although this is still true, I am unable to let other people support me in my weaknesses and being self-employed has highlighted many more weaknesses.  Not so much in the areas I train in but the whole business woman thing, I am really bad at that, as was highlighted last night! (Thanks, you know who you are).  The one line interview answer still remains true, I know where I am not very good, but I don’t know where to go for help. In addition to this if I cant get the help I need OAG will no longer exist but without funds to employ others to help OAG will not exist.  But due to my stubbornness it will exist but maybe not to its full potential.  Which is fairly ironic as encouraging people to reach the potential is, in part, what we do.

So instead of dwelling on negatives, which I think is always a bad idea, I will continue to spread my positive words of encouragement, and look for answers where I can to bridge my business skills gap.

Have a great day everyone 🙂


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