Behaviour Matters

The people we are

Morning all.

This post is a bit random I suppose, but then that’s who I am.  I used to describe my self as a multifaceted diamond, not because of my sparkle, but because of the many faces I have.  I used to fight against being pigeon holed, being one person, the person everybody knew and knew what to expect.  That is not who I am.  I can be a loner, I like my own company, and am content in that company.  I can be the party animal, I love to go out, get dressed up and meet people.  I am a professional, wearing suits and smart clothes for work, planning what I want to achieve and how to go about it.  Mum to two great children, well adults now, but still my babies.  I consider my self to be a loyal friend and there are many other sides to me as well.  The clothes I wear do not define me either.  I wear the clothes I want to wear that suit my mood or my role of the day. 

I am not what it says on the tin.

Years ago I thought it was just me as everyone I met seemed to the same all the time, but this idea changed as I got older and realised that people were the same in the same environment.  Every one is  a multifaceted diamond. 

So next time you talk to the woman in the supermarket, the teachers or the bank manager remember that they too have a life outside work and may be suffering on the inside, but as a professional they are hiding it well.

Thanks for reading and have a great Easter break doing what ever it is you need to do.


Comments on: "The people we are" (1)

  1. Have a great Easter yourself and thanks for the blig. It is actually ok to be me myself !

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