Behaviour Matters

Fears and phobias


Bank holiday Monday, the first of the year.

There are many thing is life that we are scared of, it may be a long term all encompassing fear or an irrational fear, based on thoughts and imagination. They are both real and neither should be dismissed.

Some people say the only way to conquer a fear is to face it. I say some fears are too scary to face and some are not debilitating enough to be a concern. If you feel you are being over whelmed by your fear, then facing them may be an answer, although preparing for the worst case scenario may also help.
If you are a person who likes control then this my be the answer you need. Prepare for every eventuality, you will feel more in control and then be able to handle the fear. My technique for handling fears and phobias is to put my head in a bucket and not think about them. I am sure that some people will say this is an unhealthy way of dealing with it, but for me it works. If I think about things too much I will over think it and make it even more scary. This doesn’t mean I am not facing it, because if the worst happens and I need to act I know that I will rise to the occasion, this knowledge has come from experience.

So either way you may acknowledge your fears and face them, or you may know they are there and not be ready to face them. But how ever you deal with them, is ok if it works for you.

So smile and enjoy the day


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