Behaviour Matters


Hello all, sorry it’s a bit late today, but better late than never as some people say.

In our lives we all make mistakes, some times it is easy to run away from the mistakes, pretend they never happened, usually it is difficult to admit the mistakes. Some people will deny mistakes and try to blames someone else. And some people openly admit they made a mistake and then get on with life. Some mistakes turn out to be blessings, and at other times they change lives beyond all recognition. Then there are the mistakes that you don’t realise are mistakes until some one else pints it out.

I admit that I have been responsible of all of these things over the years, but currently I hope to be to admit to my mistakes and not let them change my life unless it is for the better.

So the simple message for today is to accept that mistakes can be made, accept those that affect you and only allow them to change your life and friendships if you want them to. I am pretty sure that many family feuds and lost friendships are caused by one person or more making a mistake in judgement. Move on and forgive, I try to, won’t stop me making mistakes but will stop me making the same mistake again.


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