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Past Present and Future

Morning all

Past present and future.  my writings are never going to be to the standard of Dickens, but the Christmas Carol is as good an example of any as to what this blog is about. 

Everyone has a past, and your past will affect your present, but does it affect it to the point of endangering your future?  For most people it wont, but for some major events in the past can of been so traumatic that you can never truely see the future becasue of it.  I am one of the lucky ones, although parts of my past have been fairly traumatic, on a sclae of 1-10 they were probably, looking back only a 6 or 7 in comparison to other people stories.  But putting them on a scale is a very subjective act.  At the time they would register as 10, and as time moves on they become less. 

It is easy to say, move on, the past has happened you cant change it, get on with what you have now, but in reality if your past is affecting your present you cannot do that.  You need to find a way to manage the stress it is giving you, you need time to process the events and find a positive, for some people their past is pushed forward when you least expect it and all the memories and fears associated come back too.   

In addition to this stress there is the usual stress of the present, again I consider my self to be quit lucky in this area, as I have a relatively stress free existence, that does not mean it is plain sailing in my house, but I dont tend to worry about things I cannot control which results is less stress. But I am aware that other people encounter huge amounts of stress on a daily basis due to work, finance and/or family.  My tip here is to tackle each problem independently, decide which is causing you the most stress or difficulty and deal with that one, the others may then also reduce.  But you have to make that decision, no one can tell you what is the most stressful thing in your life.

Then we have the future.  A daunting and scary place for many people, the fear of the unknown.  This in itself can be quite stressful.  Will things ever improve, is there light at the end of this tunnel, how can I keep going to get there? All very difficult questions to answer when you are in a negative emotional state.  So try not to focus on it, you can plan for some events in the future and make them positive, short term goals, maybe a week away or a couple of day ahead. I know some people have long term plans made and will stick to them regardless, but I tend to just let life happen, planning a few things, but nothing more than about a couple of months ahead. 

To end the blog then, try not to let the events of the past influence the present, and where possible don’t think about the future too much if it is a scary place for you to contemplate.  Look at the present, it’s the only part of your life you can change, pick the parts that cause you the most grief and work on those.

have fun and enjoy your day, this is the only time you will ever have to experience the good and the bad of April 12th 2012, it will never happen again.


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