Behaviour Matters

The Brick Wall

Morning again

Sorry you didn’t get a blog yesterday, but I’ve made the effort to do one today.

Over the past few days I’ve been feeling very low, not for any particular reason, just feel like life is passing me by, nothings getting done, all sorts of jobs are just piling up and every day the pile gets bigger and more daunting.  I suppose most people get this feeling, so it’s nothing new.  I know i’ve been here before, and no doubt I will be again.  I need to read my own blogs, prioritise my goals and tackle the jobs on the list one at a time.  But as with most daunting tasks I need to work out where to start (actually in reality you don’t, you should just start.)

The other feeling I have, which again the rational me can see is not true, is that I have to do it all by my self, fighting a losing battle.  So today, although my heart’s not in it, I will do some house work, that usually helps me feel more positive, tidy space tidy mind.   

Finally I am also, yet again contemplating the continuity of OAG.  Life might be easier if I just went out and got a job!  Financial stress would be reduced, but emotional stress would be increased.  I would get frustrated by routines and doing what other people needed rather than doing what I enjoy, but i would have a regular income that would ensure I have some where to live! 

So to end today, I would like to encourage you all to stay positive, because to me negativity grows and takes over.  sort out and prioritise your goals, and tackle the jobs you need to do one at a time.

Keep smiling


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