Behaviour Matters

Morning, yes I know it’s silly o’clock to be writing my blog, but I’m awake so here goes.

Over the last few days I have been made aware of the disgraceful way parents are treated by the professionals who are there to help. Parents being made to feel unsuitable or inadequate as they have been bullied and belittled by professionals. This makes me so angry. As a childcare expert and having taught the subject in colleges as well as working in childcare I know there are 12 values and principles of all childcare the first of which is “parents are the first and most enduring educators in a child life.” I understand this to mean that parents have more knowledge of their children than anyone else, they spend more time with them and are able to tell you this about their children that professionals never will. I know that some of the professionals do a brilliant job and are courteous and open all the time, they want to make sure the children they are in contact with are safe and healthy, and have a good understanding of child development enabling them to make valued judgements. Unfortunately there are also a large number of professionals who have little understanding and a large amount of power.

All I have to say to parents in this situation is to fight for your children and make the professionals understand your commitment to your children, use the laws and guidelines that are there to protect you. Find out about the children’s act, the disability discrimination act, every child matters, EYFS, you don’t need to know it all, but armed with some knowledge will help you. If you want any information about this then please get in touch and I can point you in the right direction.

It shouldn’t have to be this way, but it is and to keep your children safe you need to fight, until we can find a way to change it.

Back into positive mode 🙂


Comments on: "Professionals who should help" (4)

  1. Thankyou for writing this. It is very true when you say there are a lot of professionals with little understanding but huge power. This is something I’ve experienced in my battles to get support for my autistc children. Hopefully, one day, we will change relationships between professionals and parents but until then, as you say, parents have to fight. Deb

  2. Elaine Walton said:

    I had been up against this for many years, fighting for my grandson. I was told so many lies regarding how the system worked and, my rights. I carried on regardless, and finally 6 weeks ago at the age of 14 he was finally diagnosed with ASD aspergers. When given the diagnosis I was asked if I was surprised. I replied “no, just disgusted it’s taken so long for you to diagnose it” so many years of his education has been lost. He had struggled in main stream senior school, and went missing from school regularly because he couldn’t cope. They have now decided that he needs specialist schooling, but are still dragging their heels, as to whether it should meet his educational or behavioural needs. I am glad we have finally got the diagnosis, it has taken some of the pressure off me, but I’m finding it do hard at the moment, as Adam is refusing to accept his diagnosis. Is this normal for older children? He is not a clever boy at all. He gets confused when trying to express himself. Doesn’t like eye contact. Can only grasp one instruction at a time. Has no empathy and has no education to speak of, and behavioural problems. Since being diagnosed I was given an arm full of literature and was told to read it, and contract any of the organisations if I felt I needed any help. I feel SO let down and deserted. I’m sorry to have rambled on so much. Thank you ….Elaine xx

  3. Brilliant as always and a source of inspiration when things in stanki land get a bit dicey xxx

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