Behaviour Matters

The power of children

Morning again, firstly let me thank you all for reading and commenting yesterday. Although I am really pleased so many people read the blog, I am upset by the amount of people who identified with it.

Moving on slightly, but staying with the theme. Today I want to go back to a comment made on twitter. Children are usually more able than we give them credit for. When I posted this comment many parents agreed and re posted it. So today I want to expand on this. If your children are in nursery or at school you have some idea of their academic ability, you will know how well they interact with other children and adults. But I want to talk about their understanding of the world around them, how their minds process information. There are often stories in the press of children who call 999 when their parents are ill or have an accident. Not many of these children are taught what to do, they just do. Last night this happened to me, not as the patient but I found myself talking to a young girl who told me about her father, I know that he has diabetic hypos and that this can lead to blackouts. I was chatting to another friend on Facebook, when a message window opened and I was talking to his daughter. After a few words were exchanged I realised what had happened. She had never been told what to do, but somehow knew that daddy needed to lie down and eat something sweet. She found some sugar and put it on his lips, she told me what she had done and that mummy was out. As we chatted, daddy woke up. She made daddy a drink and gave him a biscuit. I know they have an emergency supply she can access. And now thanks to her quick thinking and calm approach to the situation daddy has recovered.

So as with stories of parents who lift cars to save children, children also do amazing things to save their parents. No one teaches these things, some how they just know.

I was so proud of that young child last night, she may never know the full consequences of her actions but I do and her parents do.

Never underestimate your children, they can do amazing things when they need to.

Enjoy you day and love your children


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