Behaviour Matters


I really need to find a consistent time for this blog writing.

There are times in life where you have to make decisions, not just the the little ones about what to have for tea, or what flavour ice cream you want, and not the one you know will change your life; having a baby or getting married.  Today I will be talking about those decisions that may change your life, or may not, they may be positive changes or a negative change that will become a positive, and those decisions you have to make that go against everything you want to do, but that may make life a bit easier for now. 

As some of you will know I am doing a degree, facing the final hurdle – dissertation.  I had a few set backs but got my self on course again, and then another set back.  Now I have to decide if I should continue with the dissertation as it is, knowing it will not give me a positive outcome on the research but hoping it will still pass, slightly alter the focus again and hope the university will allow me an extension, or abandoning what I have done so far and starting with a new project.  I’m leaning towards the final choice, but need to speak to my tutor.

The next decision I am facing is a bit more life changing as it entails finances.  Do I continue to do what I am doing, picking up work where and when, hoping for my big break, or do I look for a more permanent but part time role?  I know I don’t want to stop my OAG work, but need an income, bills to pay etc.  Here I’m leaning towards waiting for my big break although have enquired about some semi permanent part time work.

And finally I need to decide on what to have for tea tonight, but that can wait until i get to the shops later today.

hope you all make the right decisions in your life’s today.


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