Behaviour Matters


Hello everyone,  ok I know its late again but I’ve been working really hard todayand just didnt find the time earlier.

So today, well the title says it all really.  I think, well im pretty sure I’ve been the victim, although that word doesnt quite seem to fit.  I’ve been the victim of deception.  Nothing too serious, I havn’t lost any money or any given away anything that I wouldn’t give to anyone else, but I do feel very let down by someone I trust.  Now I am really not sure what to to or where to go.  I may still be wrong in my thoughts, I have no evidence, just a gut feeling and regular readers of my blog will know that I tend to follow these feelings. 

The person who I think had decieved me will know who they are, and I do bear any bad feelings towards them, in many ways I admire them, I have no problems of continuing with friendship and will continue to help in any way I can, but I do feel that I deserve some truth.

Any way time for a shower now, see you all later


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