Behaviour Matters

Deception part 2

Morning again,

I didn’t get many views yesterday, but then I didn’t add my details to twitter so that’s probably the reason. But yesterday’s blog did get some views, and I started to think that those who read it may be concerned. So today I thought I would clarify some things.

1. The person who deceived me has been deleted from my account as after more looking and researching I found many more areas of question and when I tried to find as answers through direct questions things got nasty!
2. The whole experience has left be wary about everyone else, so if I seem a bit strange or am asking leading questions, bear with me, it’s just a process I need to go through.
3. I still feel sad that people feel the need to lie to me, I consider myself to be an accepting person and have few prejudices and those I do have can be discussed, as they are based on lack of knowledge.
4. I like to think that the relationships I have on all social media are based on mutual trust.

So after all that is said I hope all of you out there that I talk to regularly or even those I talk to sporadically can forgive me if I seem a little strange.

Thanks for your patience



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