Behaviour Matters


Good morning, well at the very least today’s blog is being done in the morning, so that’s a good start to the day.

Last night I did some more networking, which really is a fancy business term for having a good night out and meeting lots of people. When I started out in business lots of people talked about networking, people kept telling me I needed to network, but I didn’t have any idea what they were talking about, and being all independent and naive I wasn’t going to ask. I wish I had though.

Now I enjoy the networking I do and although there are many other networking companies out there, I like the format of the ones I currently use. I like the relaxed format of the one I attended last night, it give you the ability to be yourself and mingle as much or as little as you want. The other events I attend are a bit more formal, but they do ensure you leave every meeting with having talked to at least 3 different people, and have at least 3 business cards. The idea of both of tenses companies is that people buy from people, and you can never know who knows who.

I know many of my readers are not just business people, but do excellent work raising families. Networking can work for you too. Talking to other parent in similar situations, sharing advice and strategies that worked for you.

For me the real power of networking is meeting people, sharing ideas and lastly getting work.

So my advice for you all today is, get out there and mingle, realise that you are not alone and do not have to carry the burden all yourself.

Thanks again for reading


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