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Any of you who follow me on twitter or have met me or have looked at my website will know that one of the topics in life I get passionate about is disability. This may come from a life growing up in a family who fostered and offered respite care to children with disabilities, or it may be from working with people who have a disability. It may be due to studying disabilities and special education fairly extensively. But what ever the reason I do seem to have a passion for equality and promoting the rights of individuals.

I have been known to walk through town centres and not notice people with disabilities or those in wheelchairs, some may say this is because I’m to self centred to see other people, I like to think it is because I see people and not disabilities. I find it natural to talk to people on their level, I get annoyed about access to buildings and the quality of pavements even when I am on my own, I notice where the toilets for disabled people are in new shops, I never park in special bays for disabled people and get quite angry when I see other people take advantage of this.

The aim of my company is to help other people understand the world of disability as I do, accept people for who they are and not look at people in terms of a difference. I know his is a malice task but I have a whole life to get the message across.

Part one is to ask everybody who reads this to think today about how they can do some thing positive today to help a person who is differently abled.


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  1. Lovely post, as a Mum to 2 children, one of whom has a disability I love the ethos of your company. It is difficult to understand the world of disability if it not part of your everyday life, but I can say from the heart that parenting a child with a disability has changed me as a person in many positive ways.

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