Behaviour Matters


Eventually my blog is being written, it’s not good that work gets in the way of all this blogging and tweeting.

Any of you who know me will know about my interest in all things psychological. So today I want to blog about the relevance of Maslow’s hierarchy in today’s society. I did a lesson a few years ago about how Maslow and the hierarchy can affect a child’s behaviour in school and ultimately affect their whole education. But it is even more relevant than that, if you consider the EveryChild Matters document you will see that it all fits nicely into the hierarchy; stay healthy, stay safe, make a positive contribution, enjoy and achieve, achieve economic well being. In addition to this there is a similarity to the rights of the child too; children have a right to food and shelter, they have a right to belong to a family group, they have a right to education and play, and they have a right to achieve to the best of their ability.

So although Abraham Maslow came up with the concept of a hierarchy of needs in 1943 it is still being used as a benchmark for childcare and indeed adult care in today’s society.

Remember then that people need to have basic needs met, feel safe and belong to a community as well as able to express them selves if they are to be good role models in society.

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