Behaviour Matters


Hello again

I know I missed a couple of days.

But I’m back with an announcement.  Well many of you know it now any way as it was yesterday’s news.  Well it was news for Steve and I from New Years Day.  We have decided between us to get married.  We hadn’t told anybody until we had it all sorted out, found all the paperwork needed, booked a date and paid all the fees.  So no all that is done you are now all officially informed that we are getting married at 11.30am on 7th June.  It will only be a small do, family and close friends, no suits or fancy meals, no massive reception party or evening ‘do’.  Just us.  Steve will have new shoes and some new clothes, I will be wearing a secondhand bought on ebay outfit, but I might treat my self to new shoes (any excuse).  Even the rings will be either used or inexpensive as the day will be about me and Steve and not about all the paraphernalia that has some how become synonymous with weddings. 

Any way that’s it for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope the rain has stopped by June 7th.

Bye for now


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