Behaviour Matters


I am not sure what to call this piece, so as yet is remains nameless.  I was writing a new course yesterday, and will be doing more of the same today, when I started to think about all of the people in care who are being subjected, forced, encouraged, coerced, to join in the jubilee celebrations, all in the name of planning. 

We visited my partner’s father yesterday in his care home.  As expected lots of bunting, flags and Queen related things all over the building, inside and out.  We walked past the lounge, and there on the TV was the coverage of the Jubilee.  Syd wasn’t in his usual spot so we went up to his room, past more bunting and flags, and found him watching TV in his room.  Now Syd is a very intelligent man, he is able to make his own choices and move himself around the building independently, (if he could live independently he would, but the daily tasks of making food, and personal care he cannot do) So he can decide to sit with other people and watch the TV they do, or be by himself, he usually chooses the latter.  So with all the hype about the jubilee in the building he can avoid it.  but how many of the other residents have been given the choice or opportunity to avoid it?  I have the choice and in the Health and Social Care Act all of the people in care should have that choice too, but many of them wont or don’t.  Just because they are of a certain age does not make them royalists, they may be people in the setting who are not British, but have lived in Britain for many years. 

There is a need to ensure that residents are involved in community and that activities are provided for entertainment and education, but do not assume that because it is the royal jubilee that every person in the country wants to be involved.  That is what person centred planning is about, what freedom of choice means and what Equality and Inclusion is based on. 

Ok rant over.  Enjoy the celebrations or the long bank holiday.


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