Behaviour Matters

Good morning all, I’m not feeling very positive about life today, but as it is the last Saturday of the month it is all about positivity. I have heard some really positive stories this month, particularly about mainstream schools. This is great. As I keep saying there are some great schools out there that really seem to understand the needs of their pupils.

This month I have heard of two schools that have changed some of their procedures for individual children. These changes have been small but have made a huge difference to the children and their families. I have also heard about a school where the whole staff team have had Autism training, not just the support staff. This makes a big difference to the ethos of the school and ensures more understanding of how to deal with a melt down and how to prevent a meltdown by understanding the behaviour as well as the triggers or signs.

Simple changes can support the development of emotional intelligence for everyone, (some things never stop developing). Along with more emotional intelligence come the readiness to learn, not shallow learning for testing but deep learning with understanding and comprehension and the ability to transfer knowledge.

Let’s keep the wave of positivity moving this month, raise awareness and support everyone to learn something new as well as develop their own emotional intelligence.


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