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New services

Last month saw the launch of some new service for me. I realised that although my advice on twitter and email is growing sometimes parents need more than words so I have introduced a home visit scheme. This will also be a advocacy service for parents and children coping with Autism. Sometimes it is possible to run out of steam and just be able to face another meeting, another discussion about behaviour or another appointment with GP, EP, CAMHS, OT, SLT, or any other letters you can think of. So I am available to help you with these meetings, help you fight for what is right.

The second new service is to deliver workshops; these will be similar to the training, but shorter and more generic. Some of these will be delivered for specific companies or schools others will be open for anyone to attend (for a small fee). The open workshops will cover one aspect of Autism and give people the opportunity to ask questions at the end about anything. A quick fire Q&A session to help people overcome issues they have or feel unable to cope with. Very relaxed and led by the attendees. Mostly these will be held in Hull or East Yorkshire, as I live here, but if you can arrange a venue and enough people I can go any where.

Both of these new services are to compliment my existing services of training in schools. Schools’ training is a three tiered approach.
1. On over view of Autism so that you are prepared if a child might come into your school, or because staff identify a gap in their knowledge.
2. A specific training course for schools who have children with Autism already or who are expecting one or more to start in the following term/year. This is more specific to schools, education and the difficulties that can be faced by the child.
3. This is more specific. In this level of training I will observe interaction and behaviours of a particular child, then work with teachers and TAs as well as other staff to develop strategies and understanding of this child. The strategies used here may not be suitable for any other child as they will be very individualised, but they should help prevent exclusion and melt downs. Many of the strategies suggested are not a financial burden to the school, most just meant he teacher taking a little more time in planning or classroom management.

The advice I give via twitter and email is still available as it is a quick way to support parents who want help immediately. So don’t stop asking, I’m here to help.