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Everybody is all right really

Some may say it’s a strange place to start when writing a blog, but Winnie the Pooh’s Little Book of Wisdom has helped me out this morning. I did think of lots of different topics, but when I sat down to write non of them seemed quite right.
So in the words of Winnie the Pooh

“Everybody is all right really. That’s what I think”

I can almost guarantee that some people reading this will disagree, as they may have had a disappointing or frustrating week. I know of other people who are on the whole very negative about everything and everyone, so they will disagree too. But for me I do believe in this statement. Ok some people can be difficult or reluctant to help, but on the whole people are all the same, they may face a situation from a different view point or have a different agenda to you, but does not automatically make them wrong.

We are also very unique and our uniqueness should never be compromised. This is where my passion to understand autism comes from. They should be encouraged to be themselves and society should adapt to meet their individuality. Society has done this in the past, it is more acceptable to be gay, if you have cancer you are not shunned or seen as infectious, the world is changing to accept AIDS, and people with learning disabilities are not locked away in asylums. So society can change if plenty people support it.

Autism is a hidden disability or condition, by trying to make the individual fit into the neurotypical world they are being denied their individuality and their uniqueness and any change in society is being prevented. So I call for parents and friends, teachers and advocates across the country (and the world) to stand up and raise awareness, stop hiding a hidden disability by pretending it is not there or that people can be ‘trained’ to be the same. Celebrate uniqueness and individuality, allow people to be who they are and not what you think they should be. Accept that difference is good and that everybody is all right really.