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Autism Christmas Part 4 – Tradition

As we watch Christmas films and cookery programmes we are constantly remined of the traditions of Christmas. I don’t think that as an adult I have followed many of the traditions of Christmas, especially the ones I don’t like. This has not made my Christmases with my small family any less enjoyable and we have played a part in following our own traditions. We get to open one present on Christmas eve before going to bed, on Christmas day we have no TV, internet or mobiles on until after our meal, we have a strange pudding called Heavenly Hash as no one likes Christmas pudding or trifle.

So the final point to make before the big day is to enjoy it your way, not the way other people expect you to. The best tradition to follow is the one that works for you and your immediate family.

Enjoy yorselves and I’ll be back with a New Year message next week.